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Margaret heads Bombardier Task Force

Vince Cable Secretary of State Department of Business Innovation and Skills
“I have asked Margaret Gildea OBE to set up a Task Force to work with Bombardier, BIS Local and other local partners in Derby”

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Bombardier Economic Task Force

Self Directed Teams at Rolls-Royce Gas Turbines

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CIPD Self directed Teams

Rolls’ Class Act

Rolls Class Act

Margaret is interviewed by HR Magazine

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Rolls’ Class Act

Opportunity Now Award 2009

Margaret won the Opportunity Now Award for Directing Diversity in Talent Management 2009

What people say

Dr. Henri Winand, Intelligent Energy

"Whether in a small, medium or large enterprise, if you need a deep well of expertise to help accelerate the transformation of your senior team,... read more...

Chris Jarman, Winchester Consulting

"Margaret is a very experienced HR professional who has developed an outstanding reputation for consistent excellence through her work as a senior director within a... read more...