Frank Hughes

ILM Diploma in Executive Leadership and Coaching

Frank is a qualified and experienced executive coach with a varied portfolio of public and private sector clients. A former civil servant in a senior role, he has over 30 years experience in organisation, leadership and management in the UK and overseas.

He is a trained team coach and career coach, formulating strategic objectives and developing team working. He has worked both within public and private sectors with a range of levels of managers and leaders from CEO’s to Junior Managers. His approach to career coaching extends from initial assessments of career options, through to getting going in a new role.

Frank has wide experience in the design and delivery of behavioural change interventions and supporting managers achieve personal and organisational objectives, working with individuals to drive real behaviour change and achieve improved personal goals and business results.

Coaching style:

  • A facilitative approach which is rooted in setting clear goals for the coaching intervention, preferably with three way contracting
  • This is followed up with a supportive and challenging response to the clients needs
  • Uses a range of techniques and tools to help clients reach an understanding of the gap between them and their goal, and adds value by using well formulated questions to explore possibilities and options
  • The client will be clear that change can only be delivered through action, and each session will set clear follow up tasks to be completed

Clients include:
UK Border Agency, Child Support Agency, HM Customs and Revenue, West Midlands Government Office, SEMTA, Intelligent Energy, MBDA, Methodist Housing Association and Derwent Living.

What people say

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