About Us

We are experienced senior professionals with a passion for delivering major change at strategic and operational levels.

We are used to being held accountable for results and for seeing through changes until they deliver the benefits and we are always delighted to help managers be more successful.

We can guarantee that if you work with Organisation Change Solutions that one of us will take personal accountability for the success of your project.

We have applied our Change Management skills to provide leadership for:

  • global organisation change programmesiStock_000019433569Large-small
  • talent management
  • leadership development
  • development of professional capability
  • diversity
  • advanced manufacturing practices
  • employee relations
  • performance management
  • employee engagement
  • culture change
  • organisation redesign
  • reward and recognition
  • programmes and projects

We have applied our skills in both the public and private sectors in organisations including:

Rolls Royce, MBDA, Intelligent Energy, SEMTA, EAL, Stemnet, CEL, Anglia Ruskin University, Manchester City Council and the BBC



What people say

Dr. Henri Winand, Intelligent Energy

"Whether in a small, medium or large enterprise, if you need a deep well of expertise to help accelerate the transformation of your senior team,... read more...

Chris Jarman, Winchester Consulting

"Margaret is a very experienced HR professional who has developed an outstanding reputation for consistent excellence through her work as a senior director within a... read more...